How is the disease linked to workers’ working conditions?

The procedure for detecting an employee’s suspicion of an occupational disease, establishing and confirming an occupational disease, as well as the forms of relevant documents defined and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of the Procedure for Investigation and Accounting of Accidents, Occupational Diseases and Accidents at Work” of April 17, 2019 № 337.

In case of suspicion that the employee has a chronic occupational disease (poisoning) in order to diagnose the sanitary and hygienic characteristics of working conditions.

Sanitary and hygienic characteristics are made by the occupational health doctor of the territorial body of the State Labor at the actual location of the enterprise (institution, organization) where the patient works, at the request of the head of the health care institution providing secondary (specialized) medical care, at the request of occupational pathologist .

The disease is classified as chronic occupational in accordance with the procedure for linking the disease to working conditions, in accordance with the above Procedure and List of Occupational Diseases, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of Occupational Diseases” of November 8, 2000 № 1662.

Author: Vadim