Rules of work in yellow and red levels of epidemiological danger

Until March 31, 2022, quarantine is in force in Ukraine. From September 23, 2021, the State Commission for Energy and Emergency Situations established a yellow level of epidemic danger of the spread of Covid-19 in all regions of Ukraine.

Within the yellow level it is forbidden:

– visiting educational institutions, if more than 50% of students and staff are in isolation;

– the work of educational institutions in which less than 100% of staff are vaccinated;

– holding mass events;

– work of cinemas, theaters and other cultural institutions;

– work of public catering establishments (except for delivery and delivery);

– work of gyms, pools;

– activities of accommodation establishments (except hotels, sanatoriums and social establishments);

   – interregional and international transportation.


Restrictions provided for in the yellow level will not apply if all employees and visitors have one of the documents:

 – “yellow” COVID-certificate or paper certificate № 063 / о (valid for 30 days);

  – “green” COVID-certificate (valid for 365 days);

  – International Vaccination Certificate (valid for 365 days);

– foreign COVID-certificate on vaccination with vaccines approved by the WHO (valid for 365 days);

– negative PCR result or rapid test for antigen (valid for 72 hours);

– Certificate of recovery from COVID-19 (valid for 105 days from the date of diagnosis).

That is, to work and visit institutions at the yellow level, it is enough to get at least one vaccination and have at least a “yellow” internal COVID-certificate or a temporary certificate 063 / o issued by the doctor who performed the vaccination.

The validity of the “yellow” certificate is 30 days. It used to be valid for 120 days. It will be recalled that the minimum possible intervals for vaccine doses are: Comirnaty / Pfizer-BioNTech – 21 days, Moderna – 28 days, CoronaVac / Sinovac Biotech – 14 days, Oxford / AstraZeneca – 28 days.


The red level of epidemic danger imposes a number of restrictions that are being introduced in the region. In particular, it is prohibited:

– work of public catering establishments, except for targeted delivery and takeaway orders;

– work of shopping malls and other entertainment establishments, cinemas, theaters, etc .;

  – work of educational institutions, except for kindergartens and primary schools;

– operation of non-food markets and shops, gyms, swimming pools and fitness centers;

– holding mass events;

– work of cultural institutions, in addition to historical and cultural reserves, filming and filming.


It is important that these restrictions will not apply in cases where 100% of employees (organizers) and visitors (participants) of these institutions (events) will be fully immunized and will have a “green” COVID-certificate, a negative result of PCR testing or rapid testing for antigen (valid for 72 hours) or a certificate of recovery.

The “Yellow” COVID-certificate will not be valid for work and visits to public institutions at the red level of epidemiological danger.

In addition, the following rules remain in force for all levels of epidemic danger:

    the work of educational institutions is prohibited if more than 50% of students and employees are in self-isolation;

    it is forbidden to be on the streets without identity documents;

    it is forbidden to leave the place of self-isolation or observation without permission.

These rules are not revoked even if COVID documents are available.

The work of banks, gas stations, veterinary shops, pharmacies and all grocery stores at the red level is not limited, but compliance with anti-epidemic rules remains mandatory.

At the same time, starting from the orange (signal) level, local authorities may take additional measures to strengthen anti-epidemic rules in the region.

The decision to abolish the red level is made by the State Commission for Technological and Environmental Safety and Emergencies in the event that the region achieves indicators that characterize the absence of signs that would correspond to the specified level.

Author: Vadim