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№ scientific group Head, group composition (name) Scientific direction Proposals (scientific and technical developments)

Energy management of intelligent energy efficient systems (SmartGrid) providing electricity

The head of the school is Denisyuk Serhiy Petrovich

IEE-01 Denisyuk SP, Derevyanko DG, Belokha GM, Kotsar OV, Zakladny OO, Opryshko VP, Kolomiychuk MO Intelligent energy networks and systems In the direction of “Control of energy efficiency” continued research related to the improvement and further development of probabilistic and statistical approach to the construction of balances of electricity consumption at industrial facilities:

– the results of previous research in this direction are analyzed;

– generalized scientific and methodological bases of application of probabilistic and statistical methods for construction of electric balances of production facilities in the conditions of incomplete and indistinctly defined initial data;

– the generalized methodology of construction of electric balances on the basis of the probabilistic and statistical approach suitable for practical use on industrial objects is offered;

– on the basis of real data of one of the shops of the enterprise for the production of nitrogen fertilizers confirmed the possibility and feasibility of using probabilistic and statistical methods for the construction of electrical balances of production facilities in terms of incomplete and vague initial data.

In the direction of managing the modes of electricity generation by renewable energy facilities:

– the negative impact of unregulated use of solar power plants (SES) on the operation of thermal power plants (TPP) was analyzed;

– the scientific and methodical approach to an estimation of additional expenses for production of the electric power on TPP connected with unregulated use of SES is offered;

– the concept of construction and methodological bases of functioning of the mechanism of management of the further development and the managed use of SES without application of “green” tariffs for electric energy is created;

– on the basis of real data on the functioning of the United Energy System (UES) of Ukraine proved the possibility and feasibility of creating and practical use of this management mechanism.

IEE-2 Nakhodov VF, Zamulko AI, Borychenko OV, Veremiychuk Yu.A., Chernetskaya YV, Ishchenko O., Stepanenko V., Dovgal M., Lavrinovich P., Kudinova O., Rudenko K. Control of energy efficiency; management of consumer demand for electric power and modes of electricity generation by renewable energy facilities – Control of energy efficiency and management of consumer demand for electric power

– Preparation and implementation of the program of joint training of the second degree – Energy of the new generation

IEE-3 Popov VA, Tkachenko VV, Fedosenko MM, Yarmolyuk OS, Zhuravlyov AO, Yatsenko D., Frolov I. Modern methods of control of electric power distribution systems in the conditions of wide introduction of dispersed means of its generation and accumulation – General methodology for modeling and optimal control of power supply processes and construction of active power distribution systems
IEE-4 Voloshko AV, Kalinchyk VP, Chernyavsky AV, Pobigailo VA, Kostyuk VO, Prokopenko VV, Dzherya T., Shevchek V., Lysyi V. Standardization and metrology of electric power networks and systems – Research and comparison of basic levels of thermal energy consumption during the two heating seasons by apartments on the 15th and 16th floors of a residential apartment building in Kyiv »

Management of energy efficiency of processes of objects of industrial and municipal sphere

The head of the school is Rozen Viktor Petrovich

plan: Latest technologies and resource-saving technologies in energy, industry and agro-industrial complex

plan: Improving the efficiency of operation and improvement of mechatronic energy-intensive systems and complexes. The head of the school is Shevchuk Stepan Prokopovych

IEE-05 Rosen VP Management of power consumption regimes of industrial and municipal facilities – Installation of energy management systems at industrial enterprises

– Benchmarking of energy efficiency of industrial enterprises.

– Checking and monitoring the effectiveness of energy management systems in industrial enterprises

IEE-06 Lebedev LM, Dubovik VG, Bosak AV, Kulakivsky LY, Manuilov VD System for improving energy efficiency of electrical facilities – Projects of highly profitable mines for the development of low-power steeply falling ore bodies with any predetermined productivity, optimized according to the criteria: “minimization of return on investment” and “maximization of profits from the use of low-power deposits”

– Research of fractal features of multidimensional lattice structures of signals of technological information.

– Individual dosimetry with the use of nodal and internodal information of monitoring vectors of multidimensional space of signals of harmful factors of stochastic action.

– Development of methods and tools for diagnosing energy efficiency of stationary installations for the creation of energy management systems for mining companies

IEE-09 Zaichenko SV, Shevchuk SP, Meita OV, Opryshko VP, Pryadko SL, Kulish RD, Dokshina S. Yu. Evaluation and improvement of directions of increase of efficiency of administrative activity in the field of labor protection – Systems of technical diagnostics of automated and mechatronic complexes

– Demining complex

IEE-10 Slidenko VM, Listovshchyk LK, Lesyk VS, Polishchuk VO, Gorodetsky VG, Osadchuk MP, Marchuk LR, But VO Adaptive shock wave systems – Development of modifications of the GPM-300, GPM-120 hydraulic hammer

– Development, manufacture and preparation for serial production of two-stroke percussion system.

– Development, manufacture and commissioning in Ukraine and under international agreements

– Complex of transitional thermomolecular systems with powerful vibration protection


 Modeling and analysis of thermal processes and systems

The head of the school is Deshko Valery Ivanovych

IEE-11 Valery Deshko, Marina Shovkalyuk, Elena Shevchenko, Vladimir Vinogradov-Saltykov, Alexander Yeshchenko, Taras Oboronov, Victoria Dubrovskaya, Victor Shklyar, Dmitry Karpenko, Naumchuk Elena Engineering research and energy management services – A simulation model of the local heat market has been developed, in which the ownership of the main vertically integrated heat supply company is distributed among relatively independent heat production and transportation companies (unbundling) with free access to heat networks to independent heat producers, which allows to quantify economically feasible the potential to increase the efficiency of the market;
IEE-12 Iryna Sukhodub, Nadiya Buyak, Inna Bilous, Volodymyr Voloshchuk, Olena Yatsenko, Dmytro Biryukov, Hanna Hetmanchuk, O. Golubenko O. System energy analysis and modeling of buildings – The model “heat source – man – building envelopes” was developed to assess the consumption of primary fuel and the level of comfort.

– Dynamic models of buildings as energy systems have been developed, including internal and external environment, building envelope, engineering systems, traditional and / or renewable heat sources and control systems that allow to optimize energy consumption.

IEE-13 Victor Studenets, Valery Deshko, M. Tsyrin Thermomolecular energy – Fundamentally new thermomolecular dampers-dissipators on the example of a car shock absorber

Formation of engineering properties of rocks by means of geodynamics

The head of the school is Kravets Viktor Heorhiyovych

Development of resource-saving technologies of mining works and quality indicators of products in quarries of construction materials

IEE-14 Ph.D., prof. Gaiko GI, Ph.D., Assoc. Vapnichna VV, Ph.D., Assoc. Gan AL, Ph.D., engineer Gan OV, Leading Engineer Tarasyuk OS, graduate student of the 1st year of study Bachynska LM Development of underground urban planning as a system of alternative design configurations – Recommendations for planning the development of underground urban planning in Kyiv have been developed
IEE-15 Ph.D., prof. Kravets VG, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Zuevska NV, Ph.D., Associate Professor Shaidetska LV, Kosenko TV, graduate students of the 2nd year of study Tuganov GK, Musikhin M.Yu., graduate student of the 1st year of study Yudenko DV ., art. Andriychuk DI, Samus OS Formation of engineering properties of rocks by means of geodynamics – 1). Technology of curvilinear laying of communications by microtunnelling. 2). Underwater hole lining. 3). Design of fastening and technology of construction of a trunk of big diameter.

– 4). Hydrocline conduction of the tunnel in granite in the protection zone 5). Creation of an individual deep energy storage

IEE-16 Ph.D., prof. Remez NS

Ph.D., prof. Dichko AO, Ph.D., prof. Tkachuk KK, Ph.D., prof. Kofanova OV, Ph.D., assistant Kofanov OE, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tverda O.Ya., Ph.D., Assoc. Grebenyuk TV, Ph.D., assistant Bronitsky VO, graduate students Litvinenko V., Boyko A.

Environmentally friendly geoengineering technologies – Technology of gas neutralization and suppression of downhole dust to increase the environmental safety of the explosion

– Installation of microbiological wastewater treatment from toxic substances

IEE-17 Kryuchkov AI,

Ph.D., prof. Vovk OO, Ph.D., prof. Frolov OO, Ph.D., Assoc. Zhukova NI, senior teacher Sergienko MI, engineer Bakhtin AI, student Guzan A., student Artyomov R., Mukhin EA, Zakharov V., Mukhina KE

Resource-saving technologies in mining – Scenarios of fair transformation of coal

industry and decarbonisation of the energy sector


Labor protection, civil safety and protection of workers from harmful and dangerous production factors

Creation of methods and means of protection against harmful and dangerous production factors during welding and related technologies.

The head of the school is Oleh Hryhorovych Levchenko

IEE-18 ЛевченкоО. G., Gliva VA, Polukarov YO, Arlamov OY, Kashtanov SF, Ilchuk OS, Demchuk GV, Zemlyanskaya OV, Pyatova AV Protection of workers from harmful and dangerous production factors during the use of electric arc welding and related technologies – 1. Mobile protective shield (MZE-1) from optical radiation for non-stationary welder workplaces.

– 2. Mobile protective shield (MZE-2) from optical and radio frequency radiation for non-stationary welder jobs

IEE-19 Kruzhilko OE, Polukarov OI, Kalinchik VV, Kovtun AI, Kozlov SS Evaluation and improvement of directions of increase of efficiency of administrative activity in the field of labor protection – Distance learning system (based on Moodle) for managers, enterprise specialists and labor protection inspectors
IEE-20 Tretyakova LD, Mityuk LO, Kaczynska NF, Gusev AM Development of new types of personal protective equipment – Development of protective clothing for NPP workers, miners and the military