Admission to the 1st year (According to the EIT certificates)

A bachelor’s degree is an educational degree obtained at the first level of higher education and awarded by a higher education institution as a result of the successful implementation of a higher education program of 180-240 ECTS credits.


Admission to the Bachelor’s Degree External Evaluation Admission is carried out for full-time study at the expense of the state budget and under the contract (at the expense of individuals and legal entities) and for part-time study under the contract.

The cost of training in the 2020/2021 academic year

The cost of education in terms of educational programs from the 2020/2021 academic year

External External Certificates (accepted for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

The minimum competition score is 125 .

If you have an EIT certificate in Ukrainian language and literature for 2018-2020, you can provide it instead of the EIT certificate in Ukrainian language.

Dates of acceptance of applications and documents, entrance examinations, etc. will change according to the quarantine period. Up-to-date information can be obtained by subscribing to  our telegram channel  or on the website of the selection committee in the section:

Stages of the admission campaign and the work schedule of the Admissions Committee

You can get acquainted with the dates of acceptance of applications and documents, conducting entrance examinations, etc. in the section “Key dates” on the  website

Address of the Selection Committee of the Institute of Energy Conservation and Energy Management:  st. Polytechnic, 14, building 16, room. 506, Kyiv.

During the acceptance of documents, the IEE selection committee may be located in another building.

For the quarantine period, please call:  +38 ( 063) 139-78-54,  +38 (093) 248-12-25.


The Admissions Committee for Foreign Citizens is located in  building 31.

Certificate of the Faculty of Pre-University Training (FDP)

If you have a FDP certificate, the FDP certificate points will be added automatically through your personal account. Your score in the FDP certificate will be multiplied by a factor of 0.05, so you can get up to 10 points respectively (For example: 100% = 200 points, 200 * 0.05 = 10 additional points).

Finally, the competitive score is multiplied by the sectoral coefficient (GC) and the rural coefficient (SC), and:
– GC is equal to 1.02 for submitted applications with priority 1 and 2;
– The IC is equal to 1.05 for persons registered in villages and who have completed general secondary education in educational institutions located in rural areas in the year of entry.

Applicants provide a certificate of registration of residence in accordance with Annex 13 to the Rules of registration of residence and the Procedure for transfer of information by registration authorities to the Unified State Demographic Register, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 2, 2016 №207. The IC for internally displaced persons living in the village without registration does not apply.

The rules of admission can be found at the following link:

Rules of admission to the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute  named after Igor Sikorsky ” 

 Calculate your competition score for participation in the competition for admission to KPI. Igor Sikorsky

 Stages of the admission campaign and the work schedule of the Admissions Committee