Educational and methodical commission

Chairman of the IEE educational and methodical commission 

KPI them. Igor Sikorsky

Gan Anatoly Leonidovich

Ph.D., Associate Professor
(044) 204-93-78
aud. 506-22

Secretary of the IEE educational and methodical commission 

KPI them. Igor Sikorsky


Shaidetska Lyubov Valentynivna


Ph.D., Associate Professor
aud. 512-22

Head of Commission:Gan AL, First Deputy Director of IEE 
Deputy Chairman of the Commission:Danilin OV, Deputy Director for Educational and Organizational Work
Members of the commission:Shklyar VI, Associate Professor of TE
 Polishchuk VO, senior lecturer of EMOEV department
 Borichenko OV, Associate Professor of EP
 Pryadko SL, art. lecturer at the AUEK department
 Polukarov OI, Associate Professor of OPTSB
 Zhukova NI, Associate Professor of GI
Secretary of the commissionShaidetska LV, Associate Professor of GI
Methodical seminar 18.01.2021


  1. On the current state of preparation of F – catalogs of elective disciplines
  2. About preparation of NP and transitional NP according to the updated OP of the first (bachelor) level of VO
  3. On the current state of educational and methodological support of educational components of curricula.
Methodical seminar 18.01.2021


  1. By January 22, 2021, update (develop) F – catalogs of elective disciplines and submit to the methodological department of KPI. Igor Sikorsky at for approval and further coverage on the websites of departments and IEE.
  2. By January 22, 2021, the departments will be provided with the lists of those responsible for the preparation of syllabuses of elective academic disciplines F – catalog in the dean’s office 506-22.
  3. By January 31, 2021, develop projects of state of emergency and transitional state of emergency according to the relevant departments.
  4. By May 2021, develop a syllabus for each educational component provided by the relevant department and, if necessary, update the teaching and methodological support (textbooks, manuals, etc.).