Pre-university training system of pre-university training of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky” includes ( ):

  • preparatory courses that carry out in-depth training in competitive disciplines, focused on the requirements of specific faculties (students of 10-11 grades are accepted, tuition is paid),
  • externship, which provides a flexible combination of full-time and part-time forms of education, provides the opportunity to prepare for admission to the university regardless of place of residence (students are accepted 10 -11 grades, tuition is paid),
  • department of lyceum and specialized classes, which carries out fundamental training of students on the basis of leading lyceums, gymnasiums, schools according to the methods of the FDP (under the relevant agreements).
  • preparatory department that provides inpatient training for young people with secondary education (tuition fee).
  • To attract talented young people from colleges and technical schools, work is being done on the organization at KPI. Igor Sikorsky educational research and production complexes together with specialized institutions.

A total of 18 NECs have been established, comprising 58 institutes, colleges and technical schools, and training is carried out according to integrated curricula. Under the conditions specified in the Agreements, it is possible to enroll graduates of these educational institutions to continue their studies in special programs with a reduced period of training or 2-3 courses to replenish academic groups.

Pre-university training is carried out by:

Pre-university training of foreign citizens is carried out  by the Center for International Education  in the preparatory department. Training is conducted in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English (optional). Classes are held from September to June. Courses prepare for university. At the end of the course you must pass an exam. The educational program of this course provides students with basic knowledge of Ukrainian / Russian.