The norm of working hours for employees

The normal working hours of employees may not exceed 40 hours per week.

Enterprises and organizations may set a lower working time rate when concluding a collective agreement.

Reduced working hours are set:

    1) for employees aged 16 to 18 – 36 hours per week, for persons aged 15 to 16 (students aged 14 to 15 who work during the holidays) – 24 hours per week.

The working hours of students who work during the school year in their free time may not exceed half of the maximum working hours provided for in the first paragraph of this paragraph for persons of the appropriate age;

    2) for employees engaged in work with harmful working conditions – no more than 36 hours per week.

The list of industries, shops, professions and positions with harmful working conditions, work in which gives the right to reduced working hours, is approved in the manner prescribed by law.

In addition, the legislation establishes reduced working hours for certain categories of employees (teachers, doctors and others).

Reduced working hours may be established at the expense of enterprises, institutions, organizations for employees with children under the age of fourteen or a child with disabilities, as well as for single mothers and parents raising a child without a father (mother), including in the case of a long stay of the mother in a hospital.

Author: Vadim