Research Center for Energy-Saving Pulse-Wave Structures and Training Systems Technologies IEE

Activities of the Center in 2022

In the field of educational and teaching activities:

  1. During the year:

– Submission of proposals for the formation of current topics of  EGW, course and diploma projects and ideas of startups;

  – providing technical training, based on previous international agreements, to perform laboratory work in the educational process.

  1. Development and implementation in the educational process of two test computer programs (TCP) on the technology of “TCP student analysis and assessment of knowledge”. Deadline: 20.05.22.

In the field of educational and organizational component:

  1. Involvement of students, undergraduates and graduate students in the Center with the formation of current topics and research.

In the field of scientific and scientific-organizational component:

  1. Cooperation with the scientific group IEE-10 and the Department of Innovation and Technology Transfer of NTUU “KPI. Igor Sikorsky ”in preparation for the sale of two licenses:“ Two-stream jet pump for cleaning the bottom hole zone of the oil well ”,“ Adaptive implosion pulse generator to increase hydrocarbon production ”based on the results of previous international and economic agreements productions. Deadline: 30.11.22.
  2. Submission of proposals to the Department of Automation of Electrical and Mechatronic Complexes (hereinafter – AEMC) on the formation of current state budget issues. Deadline 30.05.22
  3. During the year:

 – conducting research work with students and graduate students, taking into account the practical work of the Center in industry with the publication of 6 articles, submission of  applications for intellectual property and participation in scientific conferences;

– implementation of organizational and methodological measures to increase the citation of scientific papers of employees of the Department of AEMC, expanding the presence of their scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings included in international scientometric databases (Scopus, Web of Science, etc.);

– Carrying out of initiative researches and development of designs of recuperative elements of mechatronic complexes and working projects in CAD for the purpose of the conclusion of new economic contracts.

In the field of information and advisory component activities (during the year):

  1. Providing advice on improving the quality of RGR, course and diploma projects.
  2. Establishment and maintenance of consultative and informational relations with structural subdivisions of the University, as well as with the scientific laboratory of thermomolecular energy IEE.
  3. Maintaining creative ties with the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (MS Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics, Institute of Electrodynamics), the state enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau” Luch”, JSC” Motor Sich “.
  4. Assistance in professional development of scientific and pedagogical workers and employment of graduates;
  5. Explanatory work among entrants and assistance to the introductory campaign.

Director of the Center, Doctor of Technical Sciences           Slidenko V.M.

Author: Vadim