Office work – how to organize a safe workplace

The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees everyone the right to proper, safe and healthy working conditions.

Unfortunately, employers often look for ways to save in order to minimize the cost of providing acceptable working conditions. Working in offices located in basements, warehouses, cramped, poorly lit and poorly ventilated areas is not uncommon for today’s office workers.

However, the employee must work as efficiently and responsibly. Safe working conditions are not only a guarantee of comfortable existence of employees within the office, but first of all – their health and ability to work, and hence the profitability of the enterprise.

When organizing the work of an office worker it is necessary to pay attention to:

– premises;

– organization and equipment of the workplace;

– safety when working with a personal computer;

– microclimate;

– lighting;

– noise and vibration levels;

– electrical safety;

– mode of work and rest.

At first glance, working conditions in the workplace of office workers exclude the impact of dangerous and harmful factors on workers. Is that really so?

The main risk factors that await an employee in the office are primarily related to a sedentary lifestyle. This in turn provokes serious chronic diseases.

The office worker needs to remember that sitting is harmful. Lack of exercise is the greatest damage to health. Ten years in an office chair can increase the risk of colon and rectal cancer by 44%, and those who spend more than 9 hours a day at work are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Back and neck pain, osteochondrosis, visual disturbances, headache, dizziness – echoes of a sedentary lifestyle.

Ergonomic indicators of the workplace are also important. Awkward posture at the table leads to the formation of areas of muscle tension and spasms. The result is back and neck pain, tension and migraines. This means that the size of the chair and table are directly related to how comfortable you will be working.

Another significant problem is neurological diseases.

Continuous work on the computer is a threat to the eyes. Whether you wear glasses or not, you blink at your computer about 5 times less often than usual. As a result, dry eye syndrome develops. It manifests itself in the desire to rub the eyes, cuts, discomfort and burning.

What shall I do? It is necessary to adhere to the regime of rest and work. Take 5-10 minute breaks from the monitor every hour, do a little warm-up for both muscles and eyes. At lunch, go for a leisurely walk. Don’t forget to exercise at home or visit the pool. Eat right and maintain water balance.

Dear employees, we must not forget that your health is first and foremost your personal responsibility. Take care of yourself and remember – everyone deserves safe and healthy working conditions!

Author: Vadim